Overview of TSU

T&S University provides continuously updated online learning resources for reps, dealers/distributors, consultants and other stakeholders. Registered participants can access the latest information about T&S products, industry trends and more — and with an exciting new incentive structure in place, students can become T&S-certified and even win prizes for completing courses.

Program Requirements
The courses are built using HTML5, so they require a modern web browser.
For Internet Explorer in particular, please run in version 10 or higher.  Please update your browser via the following links to ensure an optimized experience.
Internet Explorer | Firefox | Google Chrome | Safari

Who's Eligible

Our program is designed for those who regularly sell, distribute or specify T&S products — including authorized reps, dealer and distributor location staff, industry consultants and engineers. In an effort to provide a more inclusive offering, we are also willing to consider requests from others who may be interested.

How to Register

Registering for T&S University is fast and easy. Simply click the eClassroom tab and complete the online registration form.

Once you submit your form, our Training Manager will review your registration and, once approved, you will receive a username/password via email. If you do not receive your login credentials within one week, please contact us here for an update on the status of your registration.

Incentive Structure

At T&S University, we want to recognize the time and energy our channel members invest in learning about our products and our industry. That’s why, for the first time, we’re giving reps, dealers/distributors, consultants and engineers the opportunity to become T&S-certified.

For each level of coursework completed, points are awarded that can be cashed in for merchandise — or saved and spent later. From fleece vests, golf shirts and t-shirts to travel coffee mugs, portfolios and more, students can choose from a variety of prize options to mark their progress.

After completing 15 courses, students are considered officially T&S-certified — a title that acknowledges not only your commitment to T&S, but also your in-depth knowledge of our products and applications across the industry.

T&S Certification
Level 1 5 courses completed Student receives a T&S certificate and Level 1 Medallion; plus 25 points to cash in for T&S gear
Level 2 10 courses completed Student receives a Level 2 Medallion; plus 25 more points
Level 3 15 courses completed Student receives a Level 3 Medallion; plus 25 more points (total of 75 possible points)


When you successfully complete all 15 TSU courses, you’ll become officially T&S-certified — making you a go-to expert on T&S technology, products and applications. Register by clicking the eClassroom tab above to begin your journey toward full certification today!


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